Thursday, November 5, 2009

Celebrity Spotting

I've only ever spotted ONE celebrity in real-life. This guy:

What - don't recognize him? Maybe this will ring a bell. Here's on the left here:

No? Ok, this one might help refresh your memory:

Ok, so that's Meb Keflezighi. That last photo is of him winning the NYC Marathon last weekend. And he's the first American to have won in 27 years! But why do I care so much?! Because, he's from San Diego, kids. Yes, and I've seen him in real-life, out and about. On OUR running trails, no less. I saw the 2004 Athens Silver Medalist in the Marathon and the 2009 NYC Marathon winner running the Penasquitos trails. And, yes - he's ridiculously fast. Have you ever seen a 5 minute miler running trails? You don't see much more than a blur, trust me.

You should go read this quick article on him and his win. It's truly touching.

Go, Meb!!

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  1. It is impressive to see those guys running at a 5 min/mile pace and realizing that they can keep it up for 26 miles. The mind wobbles.