Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A meager start is still a start...

Well, well, well...I've composed a start to this-here blog no fewer than fifty-eight gajillion times in my head. Alas, I didn't make myself sit down during any one of those spurts of creativity and idea and commit them to 1s and 0s. So here I am. Not terribly inspired, but writing nonetheless. I'm hoping that, with regard to motivation, a meager start is still a start.

I'm writing this blog not as a form of any kind of New Year's resolution or as an item off my list of goals for 2009. I was a blogger way back in the day when I still had the time (read: dedicated the time) to write. Now that I've moved and am spending a lot more time at home and feeling a lot more content, I've been feeling the urges to begin sharing again. I hope to share with you the little bits I constantly have floating around in my head, be they anecdotes, recipes, stories, or photos. Yes, it's show and tell time for Sara. Mostly tell, but hopefully some show as I eventually post some photos as well.

Welcome one and all to my blog. I promise that my more alert moments will yield more interesting tidbits :) Til then - as always - hugs and smiles for all!

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  1. Nice blog sistah, though I think I still prefer "Thoughts From a Bubble". I look forward to your musings!