Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tell her what she's won, Bob

I won, I won, I won!

No, not the lottery. A fancy set of body washes, silly!

I frequently satisfy my need to daydream about girly things - and let my mind escape the confines of this all-male work environment - by reading blog sites. One of them, The Frisky, is written by snappy, fashionable, gossipy women (a most entertaining trifecta to be sure), and I'm truly addicted to it. And every so often, I'm compelled to comment on a posting. Like their blurb on the rumor that Jessica Simpson doesn't wash her stanky hair. Hey, I went a year without using shampoo, and my hair was shiny and smelled like flowers. Honestly! So, I scribbled down a little comment and hit the Submit button. Imagine my surprise when they wrote to thank me for one of the favorite comments of the week! Hurrah!!

Maybe one day, it'll pay (in cold hard cash, natch!) for me to inflict my nonsense thoughts upon the world. Til then...Congratulations, skeddy! :)

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