Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Potpourri No. 1

I piled on a goodly amound of layers this morning, and I'm feeling pretty cute at the moment. That happiness may take a hiccup when I get dubious looks from the engineers here. Because they possess such discerning fashion sense and all. Here are my layers (worn with jeans and olive green heels):

Ever get words or phrases stuck in your head? I get them repeating on a loop, the same way songs get stuck in my head. This morning's culprit was "Sotomayor." Yes, as in our newest Supreme Court nominee. CNN was talking about her, and her name popped right into my head and stayed there. Thirty minutes later, as I walked Rory, every third clip-clop of my highheeled footfall had her name broadcast in my head. The only thing that saved me from this self-inflicted form of torture was listening to a song I love.

Which song? Why, Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl," doncha know ;) I triple dog dare you to listen to it and not be tempted to sing along.

They're moving everything around on the manufacturing floor here, and it's making me want to jump up and help them. Not because they need my help and not because they need my input. I just love rearranging furniture. My sister, Magpie, and I used to move the furniture around all the time in our high school and early college days. It might be because we moved so much while growing up - and thus think it's exciting, that rearranging furniture stirs up some of that same excitement? I should have had this in mind when I bought my current stuff. It's all so enormous and heavy that I can't move it by myself. And there are very few configurations that will work in our place. But that manufacturing floor out there. I tell ya, so many possibilities! Think I should hobble out there in my heels to offer my help? Ha!


  1. Does the olive shirt go over the black shirt? Cute combo!

    I also love rearranging furniture but do not do it as much as I used to when I just had a single room in my family's home. Funny how when you have an entire house, you become less creative with the space. :) I guess now, rearranging costs money because it usually leads to new furniture or home accessories.

  2. I wore the navy cardigan sweater over the olive shirt. I felt super cute! And warm :)