Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On Pins & Needles (and Frosting & Sprinkles)

I may as well spill the beans. Or sprinkles, rather. Let me introduce you to Sarandipity. Sarandipity Sweets, to be precise.

I wasn't planning to share the news until I had everything done and ready to go. But lately it's been swallowing up any bit of brain power I can muster, so rather than trying to scrape up some other potentially witty topic, I thought I'd just do a show & tell instead.

So first off, Sarandipity is one of the zillion nicknames that my younger sister has given me over the years. (Sarasponda is another, but then I always get that rat-tat-tat song stuck in my head.)

The other - and potentially way more interesting - piece of the story is that I've stumbled on a potential catering business. Hip hip hurray! Those fun and cute lil cakey pops I made a month ago are turning into my next business venture. So I made the treats, they turned out adorable (I'm so proud!), and then sent the extras in to work with Bo so that I would not eat them all. (It's honest to goodness truth that I am capable and willing to eat an entire cake by myself. I have equally awesome skills when it comes to devouring entire batches of chocolate chip cookies too.) So, anyway, a woman in Bo's office asked him if I'd be at all interested in making them for her engagement YES. So I made 100 of the little things to coordinate with her party colors. And I made another batch for my friend's bday a couple of weeks later. And then I got to make a batch for a 30th birthday last week. I'm just so flattered when people ask me to make them, that I have to consciously grit my teeth so that I won't sputter, "Really??!!!" in response.

So, I love the name Sarandipity for a few reasons; it's such a perfect word for how this all came about. My next goal is to get a website up to showcase pictures and client comments and to enable online ordering. I have zero idea how feasible this is as a business prospect, but it brings me such joy, and I can't help myself :)

* I still haven't figured out whether Sarandipity is another alter ego. If she is one, I haven't yet learned who she is, compared to the others.....My guess is that she'd at least be nicer and sweeter than Zippy or Sayray. Time will only tell :)

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