Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog MIA: Part One

Here's the first in a gojillion-part series of catching you up on my life over the past two frenzied months.  The entries mayyy be a little disjointed and out of sequence, but I'll do my best to keep things clear.

The first weekend in December, we flew to Miami and then drove to Key West for a wedding - both new cities for me, yay!  Key West was not at all what I was expecting.  I guess I thought it would look a bit like the beaches of Cabo, complete with sunbathers as far as the eye can see.  But, nope!  It was very, very green with oodles of trees - evergreens, palms, mangroves and others that I can't remember the name of by now.  And the coastline was rocky and reminded me a bit of Oregon's beaches, but on a much smaller scale.

Oh wait!  Let me back up a little.  Right before we left, Marnie and I burned up lots of much-needed beauty sleep making these guys for the reception.  Yay for dark circles under our eyes!!  The wedding colors were espresso and coral, and the couple also requested that their monogram "C" be on some of the pops.

The day of the wedding was abnormally windy, so this is my only photo with decent hair.  I had to hold down my dress so that this photo could be rated G, yikes!  (And I have to say - doesn't Bo's tie just look fabulous with my dress?!  We couldn't have coordinated better if we had bought the two together, instead of a year apart and totally without planning.)

This is soooo close to a great photo.  But, oh!  Maybe I'll just wait until Alecia hits the Sneaky Cropping chapter of her Photoshop book to fix my hair in this picture :)  Yes, yes, good plan.

The lucky and beautiful couple!  Oh yes, even in crazy winds with buckets of humidity, she still looked stunning. 

Hurrah!  I so love this photo!  They didn't know I was snapping pictures, and I totally got him with his tongue sticking out a little :)

Another sneaky photo!  HaHAAA, I'm SO good.

Ok, non-wedding photos now.  During a crazy sudden downpour, we popped into the restaurant, "Margaritaville," owned by Jimmy Buffet.  Don't ask me why I was compelled to take a photo of the ceiling and not more important things like MY SCOOTER - YES I RODE A SCOOTER FOR THE FIRST TIME.  But, here's the ceiling.  It really is kinda cool.  I guess.  Now I'm feeling all scootery letdown.  Sigh.

Oh but wait!  There was a hot guy in there!  And he toooootally let me take his picture.  Swell of him, huh.  And he lives in San Diego too!  I really should have asked for his number or something.

Look!  There he is again!  This photo is in Miami, our last day of the trip.  I wanted to see what those beaches were like, so we wandered down to one. 

And stuck our toes in the sand.  Evidently, it wasn't the season for warm water, but it was still leaps and bounds warmer than the ocean water off Oregon's coast :)

"Wish I could be, part of that worrrrrrld."*  My last photo of the trip!

* Thanks to Sidenote, I now can never look at this photo without thinking of that movie poster.


  1. So funny! I think I had the same ideas about Key West!

    Love your dress! You looked fantastic even with windy hair. :)

  2. Okay, now I am jealous. I want to go to the beach. I am all over the hair fixing Photoshop thing. Give me a month or so. :)

    You look hot and the wedding looks awesome. I am so happy that you have been out exploring the US, but I must say it is fabulous having you back in cyber-land too!

  3. Looks like a fantastic trip!! Loved the dress too! MMMM Cake Pops!! I showed Greg-- he wants to know when we get our next fix...I told him Feb Prob...but let me say this...I am jumping on it this time!! :)