Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Savannah Photos: Part 2

The historic downtown district of Savannah was built - like many other old cities - along the riverfront, where it's still one of the country's busiest shipping ports.  

Did I mention that Rory came with us?  She's seriously the best road-tripper.  All she asks is that I share my french fries and let her sleep on the hotel bed.  (She's relegated to a dog bed every other night, but vacation mode means I let her sleep on a real, albeit uncomfortable, bed.)

At the street level are a lot of shops and restaurants and places to buy trinkets.

But what I was most interested in was the upper floors of these old buildings.  I was dying to see what they looked like on the inside and how they'd fared two hundred years in existence.  Do people still live up on those floors?  Are there relics from forever ago?  Could I find photos of the insides of the apartments in Craigslist rental listings?  Such are the ways my conniving and scheming brain works.

Every so often a gap between the buildings would reveal an alley-like walkway leading to a steep set of stairs.  I tried to capture how steep all the stairways were down at the waterfront, but I just couldn't.  But they were so steep that I had to watch my footing while wearing flats, and I assume many, many poor folks fell to an untimely death after having a bit too much hard cider and trying to navigate those stairs.

Looking down the same set of the crazy steep stairways.  There is a set of stairs, then the landing you can see with a trash can, then another set of stairs.  Now look back to the photo above to picture that.  And wave hello to the family I accidentally caught in my photo!

Awwww, Stinks* :)

* aka Rory
   aka Missy
   aka Little Miss
   aka Poopsie Lou
   aka Smellers
   aka The Mongrel
   aka Broken Sniffer
   aka Lona
   aka ....

Yes, I have a problem.  And I fear for my future children.

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  1. Such great photos and such thorough narration that I felt that I went to Savannah too. Very cool, looking forward to the next installment of pictures.