Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm in a fight with Running

Running is making me fat. Honest to blog. Now, I know that common sense tells me that I'm burning more calories and revving up my metabolism. But the buttons on my pants are screaming at me that something isn't quite right. This is the second time that I've taken a break from running and then started it back up only to find that my waist circumference has increased. This is unbelievably cruel! The last time I stopped and then re-started running, I gave it 3 weeks of bulging belly before losing motivation to continue my predawn workouts. The obvious is to examine my eating habits to see if I've upped my food intake along with my mileage. Nope. I'm actually eating healthier than I've eaten in a while - more veggies, fewer simple carbs, lots more homemade meals. I'm going to stick it out for longer than my previous 3 week stint because I just know that I should start skinnying down soon. Well, that's what I'll be telling myself when my alarm goes off tomorrow morning at 5:45.

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