Friday, February 5, 2010

Cooking with Sara: First "Blah" Outtakes

Guess what?!  Today is the day of my very first Blah to Ta-Daa post!!!  You should definitely go check it out, pleeeeeease.  Please, please, pretty please.  And comment either here or there to tell me what you think!

These photos are the extra, outtakey ones from when my best good pal Marnie came over to help me bake and take pictures.  Can I tell you how much more fun it was to have her there?!  And not just because it kept flour and butter off my fancy camera's lens :)

What you don't see in the "real" photos.
I'm a disaster in the kitchen.  Every single time I cook.

Marnie has seen my disasters enough times to know to be
ready with the camera.  It was only a matter of time.

And I wonder why I have to sweep my kitchen so often.
If it's not flour, it's eight kinds of sprinkles.

For some reason, it was a hat kind of day.
Also, don't you just love those pics on the wall?
They're from an Etsy shop, and I lurrrve them.

Cookie Models.
Glamorous Cookie Models.

Cookie Models who laugh.  A lot.

And then grow tired of a life of being photographed.


  1. I love those prints -- thanks for the link to the etsy shop -- I was so surprised to see that she has vintage prints from a town that I used to live in here in OK.

    Cookies look amazingly good!! We are making cupcakes this week for Valentine's Day -- wish I could get brave enough to try out your cookies...but me and cookies -- How do you avoid burning them? Mine are always extra crunchy!!

    LOL -- Have a great week!

  2. Love the new blog, thanks Sara. I do like the outtake photos better than the "polished" ones, it's always nice to see someone else making a kitchen mess and to get the story behind the recipe.

  3. THANK YOU, ALL!! I seriously have the best, most supportive peeps in all the land ♥

    (Know what's funny, Mellisa? That etsy shop owner lives like 5 minutes from my sister, in the middle of nowhere, WA. I only found her by stumbling on her Etsy shop. Crazy small world!)

  4. You are so cute! I love that hat! I think you two should be professional cookie models. :)