Friday, February 26, 2010

Cooking with Sara: Pat A (Zucchini) Cake

Sooo, I'm barely here in Atlanta, but I'm here!!  The only things missing are Bo, Rory, and all my worldly possessions, lol.  I don't even have internet service nor a laptop.  That means my blog posts are either done via my phone (not fun; I tried already this morning) or as a quick 2 minute spurt at work when everyone is too distracted by a fresh pot of coffee. 

As such, I don't have any fun outtake pictures for you for this week's food blog entry.  Boooooo.  (And, by the way, is anyone else bothered by the spelling of "outtake?" It bothers me as much as that last "e" in "lavender.")  Anyway, back to our topic at hand. 

I made Zucchini Cakes for this week's Blah Blog entry.  They're a favorite at our house, and Bo perks up whenever I mention that I'm making them.  I hope you like them too!

Oh, and just cuz I'm nice, here's a photo from our road trip!  It was taken with my phone (remember that part about having no computer?  I can't yet download any other photos we took!), somewhere in Arizona.  The sunset was beautiful there.


  1. They look really good and the picture is beautiful!!