Friday, February 12, 2010

Cooking with Sara: Stirring Up Some Stir Fry

It's Friday!  That means a new installment of Blah to Ta-Daa, yay!  This week, I've posted the recipe for my favorite stir fry.  Let me know what you think, alrighty?

Mayyyybe I should've broken the noodles before cooking them.

My eyes are green.  I will argue that to the grave.


  1. Confucius says, it is bad luck to break your noodles before cooking them. Well I don't know if it is Confucius or not, but long noodles are suppose to bring a long life :)

    about those green eyes...

  2. Hahahaa, but thanks for giving me a reason to leave the noodles all long and messy :)

  3. We like to slurp our noodles -- I say leave them long!!

    I would love to have the a dessert recipe for puff pastry!! I don't know why I was so scared to use it in the first place -- it was so easy and yummy!!

  4. I remember getting yelled at by an older Italian relative for breaking noodles. There's some kind of bad mojo or something. I don't know. I still break them. I don't have a big enough pot.