Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Book Report: Stay

I had the extremely fun honor of previewing Allie Larkin's new book, "Stay."  What's that?  Who's that, you say?  Allie is one of my Blog & Twitter Friends, and she's seriously too adorable.  She's got two huge dogs.  She wears black socks when she trail runs.  She's got naturally curly hair.  I mean - she's practically my long lost twin. 

But her amazing book, "Stay" - it comes out on Thursday..As in, day after tomorrowwww!  I'm practically jumping all around  my house, I'm so excited for her!  Allie is going to stop by my blog this week for a little chat, so definitely stay tuned for a bit of the-author-and-I-go-way-back-on-Twitter scooping!

I suppose that the best review for her book that I can give is that I read it in two sittings.  Two.  I'm such a slow reader these days (we're all tired of hearing my talk of perpetual tiredness, no?), and I constantly have a stack of at least 7 books that are only 1/3 of the way read.  But I got completely immersed in this novel right away.  I was surprised that it tackled some heavy stuff, but her characters were true to how people in real life might react and feel.  I was expecting a fluffy read about a silly dog but instead, I got a moving story about growth and trust and an open heart.  "Stay" isn't all serious business, but it's certainly not a fluff book you read while also watching tv and cooking dinner.  Your pasta would boil over and your chicken would be charred.  No, stay out of the kitchen when you read this one.  It's a charming story that's completely deserving of your attention. 

I cannot wait for what Allie comes up with next!

You can read more about Allie and her first book, "Stay," here:

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion!!! Yeah!!! More reading!