Friday, June 25, 2010

Cooking with Sara: Quinn's Spaghetti Dinner

Mmmmm...spaghetti....Or, p'sketti....Or, skeddy....(Are we now sufficiently aligned in the pronunciation of my nickname? Good stuff!)

I had a bit of a meltdown last week with a zillion things failing me all at once, so I prudently asked my nephew if he could fill for me this week on the food blog.  Thankfully, I still have some sway, so without hesitation, he said, "sure, Aunt Sara."  Awww, we love that.

Now that school's out for the summer, one of his chores at home is to be in charge of dinners on Monday nights.  Love that!  It gives my sister (who's also always doing 83,000 things) (we claim it's genetic) an evening off.  I just think that it's pretty great that he's already learning to cook!  He won't go hungry in college, right? :)

Thank you, Quinn!!

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