Friday, September 17, 2010

Cooking with Sara: Easy, Amazing Roast Chicken

It's Friday! And that means it was my day to cook for the food blog.

This is yet another amazing recipe by the amazing Marcella Hazan.  (Methinks it's high time I buy her book, no?)   And once again, there are only two ingredients.  A whopping four, if you count salt and pepper :)   It cooks up moist and dripping with flavor, and the broth it creates will have you falling on the floor and proclaiming your undying love for the marriage of chicken and lemon.

What?  You wanted a pretty photo?  Oh.  Well, I suppooooose.


  1. Hi Sara! Love the taste of lemon with chicken. Well, fake chicken because I went veg a few years ago. You do still love me, don't you?

  2. This looks utterly amazing! Got to run over the food blog to see what's in it!