Monday, September 27, 2010

All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye

Ok, not really.  But the John Mayer song I'm listening to keeps repeating that phrase over and over again.  Nice and cheery like, isn't it?

Just a few tidbits and updates going on in Sara Land...

I had a fantastically long chat last night with Mellisa (over at her blog), and part of our 2-hour ramblings was about blogging and our personal blogs.  I whined about how I'm sad that I never seem to post anymore, other than my Friday recipe posts.  Life just seems to be getting away from me and getting away fast.  I love writing for a handful of reasons, and when I don't post, I feel the same kind of yearning that I do when I don't play my piano.

I hate to complain that Sarandipity business is picking up, but holy cow, it is.  (Sidenote:  Anyone out there seeking an internship that pays only in cake pops?  I might know someone who knows someone who's hiring.)  I'm totally scared for myself in anticipation of the holiday season.  (Sidenote:  I might also know someone who knows someone who really should hire someone to smack her over the head everytime she says Yes when she shouldn't.)  On a completely happy note, I've officially hired a graphic artist to create a new logo for me!  She'll be doing new logos for the sucker bags, for Etsy, and a few other places.  I can't wait!!  I'll totally post the logos here when she's finished!

Oh - another fun thing!  I have an appointment this Saturday to get my hairs did.  I'm hoping that this lady (my second new hair dresser so far here in Atl) is all the amazing goodness that I grew accustomed to with Tamara in San Diego.  So, we're back to the age-old dilemma:  what color?  You'll remember way back that I posted a whole scary collection of photos of my rainbow of previous colors.  I totally love me some red hair, but I'm currently leaning toward a more auburn or chocolate shade of red - maybe like these?

(I like their hair, not them.)
(Yeah, don't judge.)

Other than that excitement, there isn't a whole lot of new going on here.  The weather kindly gave me some cool temps and rain over the weekend, and I nearly cried in gratitude.  It's nearly October, and we're still consistently having 90-degree weather.  It's time for the cold and gray, already!


  1. I love when you write! And I love those hair styles and think either will look fabulous on you. Is it time for a Sarandipity full-time bake shop?? :) Thanks for doing the monkey pops for the baby shower this weekend! We really appreciate it! And I cannot wait to sink my teeth into them!!

  2. Those are fabulous shades! Hope it goes well - it's so scary trusting your hair to someone new!

  3. If you can hire someone from across the US my sister would love to help you. She herself is a baker bakerton. :)

    goodluck, glad things are well. XOXO

  4. Love the color (not the girls) and think you'd look fabulous with it. :) Side note: Williams-Sonoma tried to get me to come to a cookbook signing and sampling (random person who wrote a CAKE POP cookbook! How dare she!!!) I got very defensive of Sarandipity Sweets and told her I'd only ever buy cake pops from you and had no interest in anyone else's silly little cake pops. ;)