Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cooking with John: Neatloaf

Gooood MORNIN!  I'm still not yet awake, despite having been up for nearly 2 hours now.  Such is life, no?

Between now and Christmas, I'll be highlighting a handful of incredibly generous Substitute Food Bloggers over on the Blah blog.  Sarandipity just gets beyond crazy this time of year (read:  Sara gets beyond crazy), so at Bo's encouraging, I'm enlisting the talents of some friends.  We had adorable Jenny a couple of weeks ago, and this week we have John, from Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes.  You should definitely check out his blog; his style of writing is highly entertaining; plus, it's all about life now that he and Alycia have moved to North Dakota.  (He's a San Diego native - imagine the climate and culture change, crazy!)

Hi, Leesh!!!