Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cooking with Devon: Curry Squash Soup

It's Thursday!  That means it was my Devon's day to cook for the food blog!

Holy cow, that soup looks amazing!  Maybe it's because I was a bad girl and skipped breakfast this morning.  Maybe it's because it's 37 degrees outside and my hair is still wet.  Regardless, this soup looks scrumptious, and I'm really wishing I had a big ol' bowl of it right here in front of me.

But I don't have one.

I haven't even tasted a little sip of it.

Because Devon made it for me.  For the food blog.  And she doesn't even live in my state.  So, I'm forced to be content just staring at that photo, wishing I had a pressure cooker and a stick mixer and all the ingredients on my kitchen counter.

Definitely go check out her guest post on the food blog.  And if you make it, please tell me so that I can be jealous all over again :)

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