Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cooking with Mandy: Hot Sausage Bread

It's Thursday! That means it was my Mandy's day to cook for the food blog!

'Mornin!  Long time, no blog!  We had two sets of friends visiting us (with one day between them) plus Thanksgiving plus a huge Sarandipity Sweets order, so once again, time got away from me.  Such is life.  But, I do have piles and piles of photos to post for you.  Marnie and I went on a fun little trip to Cabbage Patch Kids HQ (yes!) and we did our annual Christmas baking, so you can count on lots of cute and delicious photos from our adventures.  We also learned a new craft project from Bo that begs to be shared because it's just so cool. 

But all those photos will have to wait for another day, because...Because!  Right now, I'm posting a recipe from yet another incredibly generous pal!

Here's the scoop:  Mandy and I went to high school together.  Like Devon, from last week's recipe, she graduated a year after me.  But the thing is, our high school is so small that we pretty much knew everyone in every grade.  How small, you ask?  There were 65 people in my graduating class, that's how small.  Yes, so when I joke about being from the sticks or about being a small-town girl, I'm not exaggerating even a smidge.  But back to Mandy - I remember her and her twin, Mindy, as tiny girls with long blonde hair, and to be honest, I couldn't ever tell them apart.  Both of them are all grown up now and authors, which I find incredibly inspiring.  Mandy's books are on Amazon here; you should definitely go check them out!

Thank you, Mandy, for stepping in to help a girl out!!!


  1. Holy buckets that looks delicious. I'm slightly jealous at everyone else who gets to eat this. Since this doesn't seem like one of those recipes that could be successfully converted to vegetarian and gluten free, I'll just have to have a sausage bread day dream.

  2. I know! I really want it too, but the dern cheez!

  3. oh wow, that looks dangerous ;-)

    here's to small town girlz, my class had a whopping 40, the largest ever.

  4. If it makes all of you feel better. Out of three loaves, I only ate one pc :) But I could always go for more :D