Friday, May 6, 2011

Cooking with Sara: Asian Beef Skewers

It's Thursday Friday!  So it's my day to cook for the food blog!
Yeah, so I'm a little late posting my recipe - whoops!  Honestly, I got all tangled up in recipe intentions for Cinco de Mayo (which was completely forgotten about when I did my weekly meal planning on Saturday), and then that last-minute intention didn't pull through, and things just got hectic after that.  Oh well, I say.  Better late than never, and better a deeeeelicious recipe than one that's just only iffy. 

This is one of my favorite grilling recipes out there.  It's asian-inspired, speedy-quick to make, and shoot, anything on a stick is just more fun, am I right?  (You people on the fence: click here.)  You can make it with various cuts of meat, just as long as you slice it across the grain.  And, it's also decently portable; Marnie and I used to prep this recipe and then skewer and grill it whenever we tailgated for Chargers' games.  And I must say, we were pretty popular out there in the parking lot.  Even after we told our tailgating buddies that they were eating grilled venison :)  Yes, you can even make it with venison. 

The recipe and more photos are over at the food blog....


  1. Hummmm....Now I am thinking about all the foods I could put on a stick....

  2. BBQ season is coming...:)! Love the beef skewers, they look very tasty!