Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Recap in Video

We took Rory on a field trip to Petsmart and randomly bumped into a couple with a mini-Rory.  He was sooo cute! I adopted Rory when she was a year old, so I never got to see the cute patootie tiny version of her. So, while we chatted with the couple, I whipped out my fancy dancy new phone, and took video of Rory being an old granny around the puppy. Rory doesn't have a whole lot of patience for puppy craziness; she'll put up with it with perfect manners, but she'll also try to remove herself from the puppy if at all possible.

Speaking of puppies, I took Rory to a few dog adoption events on Saturday, to see if we could find her a new friend to take home with us.  Obviously, we're looking at a slightly older dog, one at least 3 years old.  And one who can go running with us for exercise.  We only found one potential friend who was just incredibly sweet (certainly a great match for sweetie pie Rory!), but he was just too young :(  I'm sure he'll make someone an awesome friend, but he just wouldn't fit into our house as well.

Here's a clip of the one potential friend, but as you can see, he's just a wee little pup:

 And then we have Rory showcasing her usual bout of of crazy whenever a treat is in our hands:

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  1. I love puppies! Especially when they don't sleep at and destroy my house. :) They are so cute though. Rory is the best dog! What a sweetie!