Tuesday, June 7, 2011

100 Things: 16-22

16. I collect bookmarks. ( Probably because I'm always partway through at least six different books at any given time.)  But there are only two kinds of bookmarks I collect - hotel key cards and the ones crocheted by my bestie, Marnie.

My pretties from Marnie!

Some (not all) of the hotel key cards I use as bookmarks. I'm betting there are still a few tucked into books on my shelves.

By far, my favorite hotel bookmark!  From the resort we stayed at in Cabo a few years ago.
That vacation was the very definition of Ahhhhh....

17. All through school, I hated my writing classes and loved my math classes.  Now, math is boring, and I'm constantly writing things in my head.

18. My favorite color has been green since as far back as I can remember.  The only thing that changes is the shade of green.  I've gone from mint green to forest green to sage green to olive green to the muted gray green that I currently love.  It's fitting that Bo has green eyes, don't you think? :)

19. I can't bring myself to spell "gray" with an "e."  And I have a really hard time with the last "e" in "lavender."  Something about that last "e" really bothers me, and it feels out of place.

20. I'm constantly cycling through nicknames for poor Rory.  The current list?  Ror-kins, Stinks, Smelly, Smellers, Sam, Poopsie, Poopsie Lou, Lona, Silly Billy, and Missie.  And yes, she answers to all of them.

21. I make a lot of goofy(? weird? cute? silly? depends on how much you adore me) faces when I talk.  I don't mean to make them, and when they're captured in a photo, I almost don't recognize myself.  I sometimes wonder if they'll give me extra wrinkles one day.

22. My favorite scents are food-based, and mostly some variation of vanilla.  The two perfumes I rotate between are cotton candy and blackberry pie scents.  All the Wallflowers and candles in my house are vanilla coconut or vanilla sugar.  And we all remember my obsession with Laura Mercier lotion...Obsession.


  1. What a great idea to use hotel keys as book marks!!!! Your friend's crocheted ones are beautiful! I have the same problem with gray (see?)

  2. You sure do visit a lot of hotels???? :)
    You are so sweet. The bookmarks really do look pretty in the picture. Must be that fancy camera.
    I just made 2 bookmarks tonight trying to us up some yarn. :)
    wanna know a secret? you have one more on the way. sssshhh