Friday, March 13, 2009

Parking Lot Etiquette

Take 1. (Because I know for a fact that I'll sadly be forced revisit this issue in the future.)

Let me first apologize to those of you San Diego residents who truly are thoughtful and respectful and considerate. You do exist; the handful of you may even be my friend already, because I know for a fact that my friends are keepers.

This entry was spurred on by my lunchtime drive through a busy parking lot. The Ralph's parking lot over there is always chaotic at lunchtime, and I try to avoid driving through it if I can help it. But today, I was wandering aimlessly and found myself in said parking lot. To my huge annoyance, I watched drivers barely even pause for an old woman cross the parking lot. In all honesty, it almost didn't even count as a rolling stop. I was so completely shocked that my jaw dropped, and I returned to work fuming mad.

As such, I'm forced to jot down a few common sense (one would think) rules of parking lot courtesy. If only I could carry pocket-sized printouts of these to fasten to rocks and throw at people when they offend. I jest. Sorta.

The Rules, a working list:

  1. Come to a complete stop for old people, and wait patiently for them to completely cross the road.

  2. Ditto for pregnant women, women with strollers, and little kids.

  3. If I have my blinker on to signal that I'm waiting for a parking spot, do not swervingly pull into it and pretend you didn't see me. Unless you are legally blind, you definitely saw me.

  4. Don't even bother giving me your "courtesy" wave as you cut me off or steal my parking spot. I'm not fooled by your smile and hand in the air. In fact, I'd almost rather you flipped me off.

  5. If you drive a minivan, give the same consideration to runners and bikers out there that you would to your precious child-cargo. You wouldn't burn rubber through a crosswalk if your kid were in it, so don't make me fear for my life while I'm running through one.

  6. It takes more energy to heave your shopping cart onto the plant-covered median than it does to walk over and return it properly. You might burn a few more calories that way too.
I know I haven't exhausted all the stupidities of parking lot drivers. What others am I missing?

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