Sunday, March 29, 2009

Peanuts & Potatoes

So, first off, I have to confess - after my run today, I stopped off at the McDonald's drive-thru. But, in my defense, I did only pick up an enormous diet coke and a small fries. And also, I had a bowl of vegetarian stir fry and brown rice with me, ready to eat when I got home. But I convinced myself that I needed a shot of caffeine and some carbs and salt to tide me over until the yum veggies. Hello, post-run recovery. Right?

Anyhow, imagine my surprise when I peeked inside the little paper bag at my french fries and found them nestled next to a bag of peanuts. Peanuts?? Evidently, peanuts are the new ketchup. This is proof that I'm certainly behind the culinary times.

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