Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunnyside Up

It's really hard to get a grumpy start on my day when these are the views from our shower.

Ohhhhh yessss, I can see views of treetops and sunshine every morning while I'm letting the hot water pour down on me.

When we first moved in, I was more than a little freaked about the glass shower doors. And to add to my horrors, between these two windows is a huge mirror. Which means that there is a giant reflected version of naked me staring back every morning. But now, I've learned to look right and look left and let my eyes settle on the greenery and sunshine. And it's become one of my favorite places in our house.

It's made me realize how much I miss nature and trees and the general green-ness of Oregon. Over the past seven years, I've slowly become more and more accustomed to how brown Southern California is. Truly, without irrigation, this region would be one giant patch of beige. And because we live near the center of the city, we're surrounded by industrial buildings, high density housing, and shopping complexes. But we somehow lucked out in finding our place. We didn't set out looking for a condo with second-floor views, but I've realized just how much I feel at home staring out the windows at those trees and hilltops.

It certainly adds to my persistent state of dreaminess. And that's what gets me through each and every day with a glint in my eye and the hint of a smile on my lips.

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  1. so glad that you are enjoying living there! and as for the shower, I make sure that I don't have my contacts in.. problem solved! But man, I miss your views!! aaahhhh!! Christy