Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Echo, Echo, Echo

....Anybody home?


(mind-blowingly boring silence)

Yep, that about sums up my leave of absence from my blog. I wish that I had tantalizing tales of travel and fascinating people. But, alas, no. I spent my long weekend up to my ears in ants and bleach and dog hair. And then after I was finished cleaning until my clothes were soaked with sweat (yes, they really were because I'm gross like that), I showered and got pretty and spent hours making Cupcake Pops. Whew. Next time, I'm going to try my hand at relaxing over a holiday weekend. I'm the opposite of good at relaxing, so it may take some practice and concerted effort on my part.

Oh, I did do a ton of online shopping this weekend. I'm hoping that the shoes I ordered are nothing but pure fabulous, so I can show you some photos. Also, I found a new perfume that is Just So So Amazing And Good And So Me And Where Has It Been All My Life. It smells like a mix of my 2 favorite perfumes, so I was in heaven when I smelled it. I've already picked up the gift set from Nordstrom, and I'm beyond ecstatic about having found it. Next time you're at the mall, swing by Sephora or a department store, and smell Philosophy's Unconditional Love. Yep, that's what I smell like. Next best thing to a scratch and sniff blog, right?

Incidentally, today is 09/09/09. My sister, Magpie, loves stuff with numbers. Anybody doing anything cool today to commemorate the repetition?? I may just eat 9 donuts at 9:09 this morning to do my part.

I needed something to make me laugh at dinner last night. Bug-shaped pasta so did the trick!

Bloody bugs, hurrah!

(I warned you about the boringness, did I not?)


  1. yay bloody bugs! I wants some.

  2. Where can you buy insect pasta shapes?

    1. I honestly can't remember where I bought those, sorry!!