Thursday, September 10, 2009

On Cloud Nine Point Five

So, yesterday was like the very very best day I've had in a long while. A quick summary:

~ I wore purple patent leather heels.
~ And a flower in my hair to match.
~ And slacks I couldn't zip up 5 pounds ago.
~ My brother called to order some Pops and catch up.
~ I mailed a care package to my little sister to cheer her up.
~ Sidenote found me some waterproof eyeliner in fabtastic colors.
~ I spent my evening running and baking up new recipes (photos to come soon) (of the baked goods, not of me running).
~ Brandy generously and sweetly wrote up a review of the Pops on her blog. For all the world to see. And she said the sweetest, nicest, gushiest, make-me-cry-happy-tears things imaginable. Seriously, I'm going to read it every morning to start my day off feeling smiley and bright. You can read her awesome review here!
~ And to top it all off...this. THIS THIS THIS!Is that little girl not the most adorable thing ever? She's so stinking cute with that Pop that I want to make her my official Pops Mascot. How could anyone resist buying them with that kind of photo joy staring back? Awww, L-O-V-E it!

1 comment:

  1. forgot to mention that Mellisa one of my readers already ordered because she loved my post and had to have some pops.. :) J/k about forgetting but I was excited when she told me she was ordering. Thanks for posting about lil ol me... Love that you got a flower to match your pants I wish I could pull that off... not preggo belly here. LOL

    Thanks again your awesome
    The Buzz,