Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Autumn

Today is the First Day of Autumn. Which means that it's offically my favorite day of the entire year. Fall is my most favorite season, and I eagerly await its arrival every year, even in San Diego where the only indicator of the season change is a slight evening breeze. Because the weather here isn't even close to real Fall weather, I look to celebrate my favorite season in other ways. Ahhhh..want to join me?

I really miss Fall on the OSU campus. Isn't it so pretty? With the sound of crispy leaves swishing along your pantlegs as you walk to class...Bliss.

Fall on the OSU Campus

I just discovered that The Coffee Bean brought back Pumpkin Lattes for the fall. Um, yes please! They are so dang good, even with non-dairy creamer and splenda. They're so good at helping me pretend that it's chilly outside, that I could drink them all day long.

Fall is the best excuse to wear cozy thick sweaters and my Frye boots. With tights. Funky ones.

And fall wouldn't be complete without a sleepy dog.

A really sleepy dog. Who isn't fond of my taking photos of her while she's snoozing.


  1. I love fall (and sleepy puppies).

    I got kind of sad yesterday because after a few days of almost sweater weather, it was 80 here. And I live in upstate NY. Crazy!