Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tiddly Winks

Life here in Atlanta is still pretty much the same from your vantage point.  Still no internet connection at home.  Still no battery for the fancy camera (did I mention that Sister and I left it in a hotel in Texas?  Bo, ever the knight in shining armor, is picking it up for me on his way over this week).  Still no refrigerator.  Still no washer and dryer.  However, all my Stuff finally arrived yesterday.  So now my house is full of boxes just waiting for me to open and empty.  Except that our three exacto knives are buried inside a taped-up box, buried somewhere in the garage.  Oh, the joys of moving.

The current state of my kitchen, living, and dining rooms:
Totally cozy and comfy, right?

But, hiding in that pile is this.  My Pride And Joy. 
The poor guy was relegated to the garage at my last place because there just wasn't room.  And then I got all crazy making cake pops for everyone in the nation that it just sat there, gathering dust.  I'm sure that it cried little tears of mud every time we paraded on by and didn't bother to give its keys a good scratch.  Its mint condition original ivory keys.  From when it was built in 1912.  But, I digress.  Nowadays, it's found a place in our home.  It will get played, and played often.  I can't even hardly wait.  I actually want to go home right this second to play it, my fingers are itching so bad.

Because, who needs a functional kitchen, right?  I think I'll use my excuse of not having a fridge to procrastinate unpacking the kitchen.  Excellent idea, I know.


  1. Congrats on the move! LOVE those floors!

  2. Congratulations!! The new place looks beautiful!