Friday, July 23, 2010

Cooking with Sara: BBQ Chicken

Clean Plate Club, anyone?

That's the "after" shot of Bo's plate.  That little bowl of dipping sauce?  Totally unnecessary.  I changed the recipe to skip that part.  And if you squint, off to the right is an empty bowl of collard greens.  Yes.  Before you go shaking your head and thinking I've completely abandon my Pac-NW roots, you need to know that the real reason I made them is that they're cheap and easy green veggies to add to a meal.  I've been making mine with low-sodium chicken broth, a seasoning salt, and either bacon bits or a slice of bacon.  No oil, no butter, no lard, none of that.  And Bo says they're tastey.  (You totally can't take my opinion on the matter, because hello?  I'd never even heard the word "collard" until I met people from The Big Bad South.)

I'm far too proud of this photo.
I mean - it's just chicken.
Get a grip, sara.

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