Friday, July 16, 2010

Cooking with Sara: Easy Peasy Popsicles

What?  You were expecting a recipe photo?  You'll have to wait.

And indulge me just a tad.

Popsicle Beard!

Oh yes, back to our topic at hand.  It's Friday - that means comfy clothes and my Blah post.  (Anyone else wearing Chuck Taylors and cuffed jeans today?  Just me?)  So, I decided to make popsicles for the food blog today.  Easy, fairly healthy, and perfect for these hot temperatures we've been having.

In case Rory's beard isn't enough reason to click on over,
here's how they turned out:

Mmmmm...zoomed in close-up yumminess.

Remember when I made popsicles last summer?  Those were fancier (and yummier), but used a tad more ingredients and time.  Today's version is very throw-together and fast.  But I still luvvvvvv those Raspberry Mint Gramma Popsicles.  Maybe I'll make them again next weekend?

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