Monday, June 29, 2009

Rainbow Fright

First off, apologies for all these faces of me staring at you, all creepylike. I was aiming to give you the gamut of my hair color over the past few years, and instead ended up giving myself the willies. Let's just get this matter over with quickly so that we're not staring at my creepy photos any longer than necessary.

You, my blog friends get to help me choose my hair color. What with my current color fade, I'm currently somewhere near picture #2 - medium (but mousy) brown with some good copper blonde highlight chunky pieces. Here's the question - do I let my hair continue on its journey of fade-age to my natural color? (It's nearly there right now.) Or do I go back to a darker brown, like in the last picture? I'm keeping the chunky highlight pieces, no matter what. I'm just too attached to them. Plus they give my hair some dimension. Not that the frizzy curls didn't already do that, but I digress.

Your turn - weigh in on colors, please.
p.s. Loved the red, but it was way too much work (and money) to keep it a nice rich color.


  1. I really like the color in #1.... it goes really well with your skin tone.


  2. I vote blond for summer (#1). Dark is awesome for fall/winter.

  3. You are so cute! #1