Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cooking with Sara: Mischievous Meringues

It's Thursday, so it's my day to cook for the food blog!

Can you believe that I'd never made Halloween-themed treats before??  (I'm not counting pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies.)  Maybe that means I'm not attending enough Halloween parties?  Regardless, these little guys were fun and easy to make!  I'm thinking that there are a million ways I can change them up for other holidays, and I could go a little nuts spelling out words to give out as treats.  The possibilities are darn near endless!  Oh, and we really liked eating them too - that's the important part, right?  They're crunchy, and not too sweet, with a subtle vanilla flavor.  Also!  They're fat-free, milk-free, and gluten-free, hurrah!

Crunchity Yummy Goodness. 

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