Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cooking with Sara: Sangria

I wish that I could tell you that my absence can be explained by my being on vacation.  But, no.  I got incredibly swamped with Sarandipity (225 cake pops this week alone!), and I've been running on fumes.  It's such a slippery slope with me; I try so hard to get my life into a manageable routine, and then I go and take on more, without even batting an eye.  Trying to maintain a state just this side of balanced is going to be a lifelong struggle for me.  And the past two weeks were major Fail in that category.  But, upward and onward, I say!  I got fantastic sleep last night, I have a pile of great books just waiting for my attention and the next three days with very little responsibility.  Ahhhhhh... If only we still had some of that sangria left :)

This stuff is just so, so good.  I don't like red wine, and I love this stuff.


  1. Yay, thanks for posting!! I think I will make some for B's birthday party!

  2. Great to hear from you! Glad the cake pop business is good, but so glad you get to relax some too. Once you get that balance thing down tell me how you did it, OK?

  3. That looks really good. We just need a warm Spring day here so we can have a few friends over and whip up a batch.