Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cooking with Sara: Sugarcane's Apple Cake

Mellisa and I are subbing for one of the Blah Blog authors, and we decided to make a semi-healthy dessert to coordinate with our Food Revolution theme week.  This apple cake is from scratch, and there are more apples than any other ingredient!  The complete recipes and instructions are over on the blog...

The super duper fabulous thing is that it was Mellisa's first time making a cake from scratch - I love it!  I've seriously been jumping up and down about it from four states away, impatient to hear how it went.  And she kicked major apple cake butt.  She wrote about it all on her own blog; you should definitely go read it, because it's really inspiring!!

But here are some photos that Bo snapped of me in the kitchen.  I almost didn't post them, but I decided I'd let you into my messy disaster of a kitchen :)


  1. Thanks Sara!! Thanks for bullying me - cheering me on - and I can't believe that Pam on the counter top! As I was getting my pans ready for baking last night - I looked at your Gramma's directions - Grease pan - and I broke out the vegetable oil and greased them! LOL - I should have went with my gut and used PAM! I am gonna try pie crust and bread next!

  2. Oh, shoot - I've totally been caught!! :) I like your next goals, because I've been meaning to tackle both too!

  3. I am loving these blogs. I'm a bit of a foodie myself so it is always nice getting something new to try. And since I'm running and exercising everyday healthier options are always welcome.

  4. Wow! That cake looks amazing! And your kitchen is SO not a mess. You should see mine. I've been working at the kitchen table all day and it looks like a hurricane hit.