Friday, April 30, 2010

Cooking with Sara: My Go-To Fish, and then a Cake

Helloooooooooo, my lovelies!  Today is my day to cook for the food blog, From Blah to Ta-Daa!  I decided to whip up my go-to method for fish, because it's just so darn easy.  And, it doesn't hurt that we love it, it's healthy, and it's really quick to make. 

Here's how it turns out:

The cobbler thing, on the other hand, was a new recipe for me.  It's truly a "pudding cake" - the last step involves pouring boiling water over the pan, and when it bakes up, a puddingy layer magically appears on the bottom.  Which is all fine.  Great, even.  But putting it together was weird!  It was unlike any other cake recipe I've ever made.  You need go look at my step-by-step photos to see. 

Here's a lovely shot after the last step:
Go on, and click-zoom to see that baby in all its odd bubbly glory.

But, don't you fear my dears...this is how it turned out!


  1. won't you just bring some over?

  2. I'm so so over joyed with the chocolate gooeyness :). LOVE it :)

    New follower :)