Monday, April 12, 2010

Potpourri No. 5 (Excitement.)


  • Last night.... I saw lightning bugs for the very first time!! I'd heard all the grand stories - kids catching them in Mason jars and using them as lanterns for summertime camping trips.  Oh yes, I'd heard all that and appropriately "hmmm"d as I was told the tales.  But then, last night, Bo dragged me outside just as I was headed upstairs to the land of cozy beds and fluffy down comforters.  He was shocked that I'd never seen lightning bugs before, but really - not allll of us are from The South; they don't have those in the Pacific Northwest.  Sasquatch, yes.  Lightning bugs, no.  I have zero knowledge of the little blinky guys, but I'm hoping that as it gets warmer, they'll venture out from the depths of the mini-forest behind our house.  Not so that I can catch them, but so that I can stare at them blinking and twinkling from my upstairs windows.

  • I made up a batch of Cupcake Pops last night (what's new?), and for whatever reason, they went together fabulously.  Since I moved to Atlanta, making Pops has been more a struggle, and I can't put my finger on it.  Is my oven somehow making the cakes moister?  Are the eggs larger here?  But last night's batch was cute and fun and easy, and gave me hope that my Pops Mojo may have returned!!  Ahhhhhhhhh....relief!

  • I just signed up for a photography class, and I'm ridiculously excited about it!!  All this time, I've been hacking my way through using my Fancy Camera (aka a dslr), and while I've been able to capture some great photos, I still don't know what the heck I'm doing.  User manual?  What's that?  I'm supposed to read the dang thing?  Nope, ain't gonna happen.  So I signed up for a class using today's Groupon deal, and the instructor seems super cool.  Hopefully, I'll get the make time to attend in the next month.  I cannot wait!!   


  1. I love lightning bugs! I grew up with them and now live in an area where there are none! Rats.

    Have a great time with your new camera and the class! I just use the idiot button on mine most of the time. It would be great to know I had options!

  2. Hey can my 10 cupcake pops be a potpourri (just like these), or does that cost more? That is REALLY cute.

  3. We aren't all from the South? I thought we were. That's awesome that you got to see lighting bugs - next up june bugs...tie a string to one of their little legs and it's a helicopter. lol - I am from the south! :)

    I love this colorful assortment of cakepops! Reminds me - I need another order...Hubby's birthday is coming up in May.

    Have a great day!