Friday, May 28, 2010

Cooking with Sara: Brown Sugar Pork and Southwest Quinoa Salad

Happy Memorial Day, my lovelies!  Be sure to hug and thank a serviceman this weekend in appreciation!  Both my Dad and Brother are ex-Navy, so I'm sending them a big, "Thank you for your dedication, commitment, and sacrifice!"

Now, to the recipes:  Some of you may know about my tortured relationship with pork.  I've tried and tried and tried to cook it, but it fails me every time.  I can whip up a fantastic steak, an oven-roasted chicken, and sea bass to melt your heart.  But, pork?  The last time I cooked it, I ended up throwing my silicone potholders across the room, and Bo immediately hopped up with an offer to pick up something from a restaurant.  (In my defense, the dang meat probe was set to Celsius, and I way way way overcooked the pork as a result.  And then threw the potholders.)  So I thought I'd give it one last go.  Of course, I didn't actually cook it.  In my world, bbq-ing and grilling is strictly a Man Job.  I don't even know how to turn on our grill, and I like it that way.  So, I whipped up this marinade and let Bo work the grill magic outside.

The salad recipe is a variation of a Texas Caviar salad recipe given to me by Chimly's family.  The Texas Caviar recipe is yum city as written, but I thought it would be fun and interesting to add quinoa to the mix.  And, we loved it!  Be sure to make it at least a couple of hours before your bbq so that it can get really chilled and let the flavors set in.

Happy long weekend, everyone!  Be safe out there!

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  1. Ohhh I love quinoa! Your recipe reminds me to throw it in wherever I can!