Thursday, May 27, 2010

Whistling Dixie

My name's not Dixie.  And I ain't from around these parts. 

And did you know that I can't whistle?  Like, I do not know how to whistle.  My sister thinks it's hilarious.  Bo thinks I'm just not trying.  When I whistle, what comes out is an airy whisper of a sound.  On a good day, I can get one clear sound to emerge.  On a really really good day, I can sputter out a tune - as long as it doesn't contain more than 3 different tones.

Now, none of this has really bothered me thus far in life.  I actually thought of it as a fun unique thing I have going for me.  Until now.  See,  Rory has totally traitored on me.  She left the land of Sara Love to set up camp in Bo Town.  I'm pretty much only interesting to her when I've got a treat or when I say, "Wannagoforaride?"  Aside from that, she's totally become Bo's dog.  It's entirely unfair.  I routinely remind her that I'm the one who adopted her, I'm the one who buys her food, I'm the one who gave her a name.  But none of this seems to matter.  If Bo whistles at her, she immediately gives him her attention.  I can yell or clap (my latest favorite for trying to change her focus), but it's as if I'm doing nothing.  So, I've decided that I need to learn how to whistle.  Even tho I only know men who do this (my dad, included), I'm convinced that, unlike bbq-ing, it's not a gender-based ability.

So tonight, I asked my good pal Herr Google to teach me how to whistle.  To be honest, I'm astounded at the number of results that came back.  I had no idea that so many people had broken whistlers just like me!  EHow promises me that with practice, I will be able to whistle "with comfort and ease."  (Oh.  I hadn't even thought about its being comfortable.  Are you whistlers out there doing it uncomfortably?  This is information I might need if I'm venturing over to your side.)  Another site instructed me to practice in front of the mirror for 5 minutes every day.  (That sounds like way too much commitment for me.  Pass.)

These instructions for a fingerless whistle are fabulously detailed, so I might* just have to give them a shot.  But then I found a whole slew of how-to videos:


I wonder how much practice this will require?  I really need to learn how to whistle like this if I have any hopes of stealing my dog back being able to get Rory's attention when she's focused on a squirrel.  

Do any of you have broken whistles?  Anyone else want to join me on my quest?  Let's check back in a couple of weeks to compare notes, alrighty?

* "Might" because I'm currently sitting on the couch sitting next to Bo.  Who's deeply involved in the playoff game on tv.  I'm not about to practice this and potentially hyperventilate.   It's not even halftime, and I fear I'd be dead by the time he noticed my limp body turning blue.



    No wonder we're friends.

  2. I used to whistle. I want it back. I'm going to start practicing right now! By the way, who would ever want to leave Sara Love?

  3. LOL seriously I can't either, I wanna try to learn. I will compared notes with you later LOL Even VLOG about it LOL

  4. I can't whistle even a little bit. I use to try and try and had many friends and family members try and teach me. I just gave up and I'm fine with not being able to whistle.

  5. funny, I can't whistle either and I thought I was the only one! Glad you are in the club with me!

  6. You poor thing - don't listen to this video - I can whistle pretty loudly - just curl your tongue and against the roof of your mouth with your lips puckered like a kiss. - and then breathe in and out really fast.

    I have taught 2 of the kids so far - oh and 3 of them to blow a bubble if you need help with that too. :) Have a great weekend!

  7. I can't whistle with my fingers! I can call our pup with a whistle but boy sometimes a good loud finger whistle to call the boys in would be handy. Our pup will follow me where ever I go if I pat my thigh and if I need him to jump in the car it's a snap & point. Funny what we come with isn't it?