Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hi, and Hello

I've so been wanting to post something - anything! - lately, because I miss writing, but I just keep not having time to do it.  I swear, I spend every evening in my kitchen, working on something (3 new recipes made in the last 12 hours?...check!).  While I am standing in that corner of my house, my mind is somewhere else entirely, and I've written somewhere around 182 blog posts in my mind.  I'm really, really starting to see the benefits of software that could transcribe my voice to text.  Course, you never know what kind of rambling you might get out of me at midnight, covered in dipping chocolate, listening to Paramore too loud, while trying to assemble Lamb Pops.  Rory isn't entertained by my dialogue, but who's to say that no one else wouldn't love it? :)

I keep trying to think of a quick recap to my week so far, but all signs point back to food.  Does my life and every speck of my time truly revolve around food?  I hate being that person who's only got one topic she can ever talk about.  You know that girl - every conversation eventually swings around back toward that one topic she loves.  Gah, people, I don't want to be that girl!!  Anyway, enough about my obsessions and inability to manage time (my 2nd favorite topic, am I right?)....

I do want to gush a little about Spring here in Atlanta.  Spring has always been my least favorite season.  I mean, c'mon - it just can't compete with the awesomess of Fall and Winter, no chance!  But now that I'm once again living in a place with distinct seasons, I have a newfound love for Spring.  Every morning, I stare out the window in my bathroom to see how the forest has changed overnight.  And it really does change overnight, it's amazing.  Another blog post I've written tens of times in my head is a before-and-after photo compare of the view from my bathroom window.  I snapped a phone-pic of it 2 months ago, and the trees and foliage have changed drastically in that short amount of time.  These days, spending any kind of time outdoors and in nature just fills me with peace.  It instantly calms my frantic state of being.  Ahhhhhh...Peaceful Sara....We like her :)

I'm seriously so in love with living here.

{ happy, contented sighs. }

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  1. Peaceful Sara--So glad you are loving Spring in a place where you are happy! If you ARE going to have a one-track mind/conversation, food is not a bad subject!!