Thursday, May 13, 2010

Popping My Head Up

Yes, I'm still alive. Just more swamped than usual. I didn't think it was possible, and then.....It's a horrible habit of mine - I'm continually piling things onto my to-do list, until I've hit the point where I scream, "NO MORE!" I've struggled with over-achiever-ness my whole life, and I'm sure it will be an issue til the day I die. At least these past handful of years have taught me to be better at recognizing the signs. They've also taught me that it's ok to not have it all. I don't have to beat myself up for not being able to accomplish every single item on my list; it's ok to let some of them go. It's ridiculously hard, but it's ok.  One day, I'll reach that place of wisdom and enlightenment, and my life will be filled with peace and contentment.  Right?  Please?  Please say yes? 

For now, I'll give you the quick recap of my past two weeks:

I accepted a Sarandipity order of 300 Cupcake Pops to be shipped out this week... Check.

I shipped them out this week... Enormous Check.

My parents and brother came to visit Bo and me over Mother's Day... Check.

It was also Bo's birthday and Mom's birthday (on Mother's Day, yes)... Check.

Made a yumtacular scratch strawberry cake for them for that day (recipe to come)... Check.

Visited the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and was in *bliss* for every second I spent outdoors in nature (photos to come)... Check.

I accepted a Sarandipity order of 300 Cupcake Pops to be shipped out in two weeks... Check.

Met a fabulous girl via Facebook who makes and sells toffee; we call her Sarah Toffee... Check.

Agreed to do a swap of my Pops for her Toffee next week (yummy photos and details to come!!)... Check.

Sister's foster dog had puppies 2 days ago, and she's making me smile with puppy photos.... Smiley Check.

....I'm sure there are more things, but I'm at a loss for the moment.  Tomorrow, I'm back to my regular recipe posting, and next week, I'll post some of my pretty flower pictures from the Botanical Gardens. 

Smiles & Hugs,  me

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  1. it was my stepmom's bday on Mother's Day too! At least your giant list of to-do's sounds incredibly organized!