Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Going Back to Cali, Cali

Hotel room view.  That's Torrey Pines Golf Course in the background.  And behind that, the blue-gray is all ocean :)
My excuse for totally disappearing on you last week is that work sent me on a business trip to meet up with a client and hash out issues in person.  A client who happens to be in San Diego...!  I lived in SD for nearly 9 years, but since we moved to Atlanta a year and a half ago, I hadn't got the chance to go back and visit my dear friends and my old stomping grounds.

One of the first things I did while back in town is to go for a run with my bestie, Marnie, at my most favorite trails in all of San Diego County - Torrey Pines Reserve.

You can't beat trail running with 200 degree views of the ocean.  Seriously, it's to die for.

One portion of the trails cuts down to a sandy ledge with this view.

There are no words.  Sigh.

A trail runner's badge of honor:  Dirt lines around my ankles!

 Marnie and I, post-run:

 And then, we move on to a plethora of food photos.  I would apologize, but....no.  There are a handful of foods that you just can't find anywhere but in SoCal.
Coffee Bean is one of them.  Non-dairy, non-soy creamer?!
I've yet to find another coffee place that carries it!
Plus, Coffee Bean is freaking delicious.

Ahhhhh, Rancho's.  My most favorite Mexican food in all of San Diego.  There are only two of these restaurants in town, and they're both tricky to find unless you know your way around.
Rancho's used to have a jungle of plants outside and such a small sign that Bo lived across the street for 6 months before meeting me and learning that there was a (fabulous) Mexican restaurant inside.  But I admit that their facelift does look nice.

Shrimp & Black Bean Tostada and a (Daiya) Cheese Enchilada with Verde Sauce.  Slurpingly delicious!

While I was in town, I got ridiculously lucky to have my hair dresser fit me in for an appointment.  I've been to three highly-rated stylists in Atlanta, and none of them holds a candle to Tamara.  She's amazing, there's no getting around it.
Better photos of my new 'do to come, I promise.

 Quintessential SoCal lunch:

Marnie and I capped off the week with a run through the trail reserve near my old house.  This park has a series of trails (used by runners, walkers, bikers, and horses) that are 6 miles long, from one end to the other.  And it's smack-dab in a completely urban area, and situated between three major freeways.

Pretty beautiful for being so urban, right? 
Five points for finding Marnie in this photo :)

After our trail run on Saturday morning, we stopped at my old local "Cheapy Mexican Place."  If you haven't yet had the privilege of eating breakfast at a complete dive Mexican place, you need to add that to your list if you ever travel to SoCal.
Another 5 points for finding Marnie again :)

The breakfast burritos at these places cannot be beat.  They are enormous and generally cost right around $4 each.  My favorite is one with eggs, cheese, ham, and refried beans.
The red hot sauce is a must.

Hand-held deliciousness.  I need to figure out a viable way to ship these puppies to Atlanta.

It was such a fantastic trip of seeing dear friends, eating amazing foods, and filling my emotional buckets to overflowing.  I definitely need to make it a priority to go back and visit once every year!


  1. IS that the Ranchos in North Parki-ish area, the one off 30th? That IS quite a facelift, very impressive looking. I'll have to head over there for dinner.

  2. So when are you coming back so we can do it all again????