Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurdle Jumped.

I did it.  I said goodbye. 

I posted notice on my website.  I put Etsy in permanent vacation mode.  I've officially closed up shop.  And while I'm still feeling a bit antsy about all of this, I know that given a couple of days, I'll feel calmer and calmer and begin to enjoy my newly reclaimed freedom.

Already, I can feel my face more relaxed and less pinched.  And, I'm not feeling as frantic as I go through the steps of each day.  I've had two friends interrupt me to say that I look happier and healthy.  My mental to-do list has dwindled from a thousand entries to somewhere near twenty-five.

Ahhh.  I just can't begin to put a price on that.  Sometimes, I forget how much my well-being is worth.  I hope you'll jump in and remind me from time to time.  I certainly need a nudge every now and then when it comes to considering myself a priority. 

This feels good.  Great, even.


  1. I am happy for you that you were able to make a life decision that will be best for you. Enjoy!!!

  2. Very glad that you're finding less stress in your daily life. It may have been hard to walk away from, but even something you enjoy doing can take on a life of its own.

  3. Goodbye Sarandipity Sweets and Hello to a happy, healthy, and much relaxed Sara. We've missed you.