Friday, August 12, 2011

Squirrel Wars

There was a 3-week span of time where I'd always come home to Bo staring out our kitchen window. Staring at the bird house. You see, he's been deeply engaged in a battle with a squirrel who's got a taste for the bird seed in the fancy bird feeder that Bo built.

So, before you press Play in the following video, here are some things that have gone down in this ongoing war:

- Bo moved the bird house off the platform in a tree to the middle of our little clearing, because the squirrel kept packing off all the birdseed before the birds could get to it.

- In its new location, the bird house is perched on a metal pole.

- After Bo caught the squirrel climbing the metal pole, he greased it.  Yes.  He greased the bird house pole.  With my fancy shea butter and lavender massage bar, in fact.

- Then the squirrel began climbing the surrounding trees and kamikaze-style throwing himself in the air and landing on the bird house roof.

- So, Bo cut back all the trees.

- And then put together the following video:

- Not two days ago, Bo saw the squirrel poke his head out of the bird house door.  There will be new tactics employed, mark my words.

(If video doesn't display, you can watch it here.)


  1. To quote my mentor in this on-going battle; Yosemite Sam:

    Why, you lop-eared polecat, ornery fur-bearin' rebel, Ya better say yer prayers, ya flea-bitten varmint, I'm a-gonna bloooooooow ya to smithereenies!

  2. Just love the music here! Don't tell Bo, but I am secretly rooting for the squirrel. He used the Lavender Massage Bar? What was he thinking?

  3. I won't tell you what simple, sure fire solutions they use around here in North Dakota, but it certainly eliminates any further squirrel incursions.

  4. That is sooo funny. You are lucky when I fed that birds I attracted rats. yuck! I had to stop feeding the birds. :(