Friday, February 20, 2009

A Crush on the Cloche

Have I said lately how much I love hats? Well. I heart them in a huge way. Unfortunately, I don't actually wear them very often, but trust me - if I could have a closet full of them, I would.

I've long been crushing on the cloche hat, but was reminded how fabulously pretty they are while I watching Changling last night. I'd been eyeballing a couple on Anthropologie's website, but I wasn't yet motivated enough to buy one (ok, two, or five). After all, where would I wear it? Certainly not to work. The people there think I'm avante garde for wearing riding boots with my knee-length dresses. And it isn't as if I'm walking the streets of NYC, where that hat would be adorable paired with a girly pea coat and a pair of 4" maryjanes. Sigh...But, once again, my heart beats fast for them. I must own one. Must.


  1. I love hats too and actually one of my favorite hat stores ever is in San Diego. The last time I was there (way too long ago), we were wandering in that outdoor mall area down by the water and there was a fabulous hat store in which I wanted to buy about 10 different hats...I think I settled for two. I own a small collection and wear them suddenly but even just hanging from the hooks in our spare bedroom they make me happy. And when I do feel daring enough to wear them I feel part stylish/chic/celebrity and part wannabe. :)

  2. Oops, that last comment was from me, Alecia... in case you were wondering.

  3. Anonymous Alecia, I like :)