Friday, February 13, 2009

Learn CPR

This one is a serious post...And for good reason. Last night, a half hour after I left work, my coworker had a heart attack. As in, he was 10 feet from my desk when it happened. As it turns out, nobody in this little office area knew CPR. Wow! But don't fret - our rock star admin gave him CPR and, as a result, saved his life.

But it got me thinking - I assumed everyone knew CPR. We all took the class in 8th grade health with Rescusi-Annie and those plastic mouth bags. And I did take that refresher course nearly 10 years ago, but I was amazed that more people don't know the steps.

Please do all of humanity a favor and hit up this website to remind yourself how to give CPR. They are really easy steps to learn and will save someone's life.

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