Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Topsy Turvy Cherry Chip

"When you're grumpy, we'll make cupcakes!"...Some of the most beautiful words ever to be spoken. And spoken by my knight in shining armor, no less. Ahh...he's so incredibly dreamy....I reached over and gave him a good Jubilee! pinch to be sure. Yep, he's real. The only thing I have left to do is to scribble my name all over him in Sharpie to ward off any would-be Perfect Man snatchers.

When I told Bo that I wasn't feeling right as rain, he suggested we make cupcakes. Cupcakes?! Did I hear him right?? I had to ask again to make sure he wasn't mocking me. Nope, it was legit, and 14 seconds later, I had all the ingredients lined up on the counter.

The cardinal rule about baking box cake mix is that you also have to use frosting in a tub. The only flavor we had on hand was cherry. I've been avoiding it for a while (thus its remarkable longevity in my pantry), because you can really, truly go so, so wrong with cherry flavor. For example, my beloved cherry chip birthday cake tastes nothing like cherry. It doesn't even look like cherry should. It's in the same category as those shockingly red cherry Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen. Mmmmm...if only dairy didn't hate me...But, I digress. Back to the task at hand: The tub of bright pink, cherry frosting was plopped onto the counter along with our other ingredients. And, shut up, it tastes exactly like cherry chip cake!! Had I known - all these years! - that I could have satisfied my cherry chip craving with that tub of frosting, well...Gosh, words fail me.

Focus, Sara! Ok. So, we made white cake mix cupcakes and frosted them with the cherry frosting. They were essentially an upside down version of my birthday treats every year, and just as fantastically, gosh-darn sparkly tasting.

It started with my feeling yucky and ended with my feeling sugar loaded - I couldn't ask for a single speck more!

A thing of beauty:

An action shot of me if there ever were one:

And our dog, awww. She's such a great sport, posing for pictures and all:

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