Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Little Girl is Spoilt!

Way back at last year's Christmas party, Bo and I won a night stay with dinner at the fancy La Valencia in La Jolla. For whatever reason, we kept forgetting to use it, so the certificate collected dust for a year. But, last night, Bo surprised me by saying that we were finally going to redeem it for my birthday. Hurrah! What a fun idea! So, we packed our bags with overnight stuff, threw on some fancy clothes (I got to wear my 4" Mary Janes), and headed to the coast.

When the bellhop asked us our room number, he immediately said how nice that our room would be. Which was the exact same response our bellhop in Cabo gave us when we told him our room number there. I took that as a sign of good things to come. Bo said he knew it'd be great when the front desk asked him which newspaper he'd prefer in the morning. I guess we all look for indicators in different ways, right?

We followed the bellhop through a convoluted path of plants, stairways, and elevators out to one of the Villas and then opened the door to our room. Holy Moly! It was a peaceful, airy room with lots of windows (Windows in a hotel room? Wow!) and enormous shuttered patio doors that opened out to the balcony. Which overlooked the ocean. Yes, the ocean. The sparkly blue Pacific Ocean. Directly in front of our room was a small park, and directly in front of that was an expanse of blue water and crashing waves. I immediately tra-la-la skipped from the balcony to the bed to give it the Cabo-test: And, yes, you could both see and hear the ocean from the bed. Ahhhh...And all for the price of zero dollars. Talk about a prize, eh? While I was sitting on the bed, I noticed a little card from the manager wishing me happy birthday, next to a bottle of wine and a small chocolate torte - breakfast is served!

We put our bags down and then meandered our way back to the hotel lobby so that we could take the elevator (complete with an elevator operator, no less) up to the poshest restaurant I've ever stepped foot in. We're talking, the waiter exchanged my white cloth napkin for a black one because I was wearing a black dress. Needless to say, the food was beyond delicious. Bo had the most amazing steak either of us had ever tasted. Ditto for his glass of cabernet. I couldn't finish even half of my plate of lobster because I was too stuffed from the champagne and fancy gnocchi starter that I gobbled up. And also from the mini-courses that our waiter brought out to cleanse our palates. I wish I could remember all of the delicious dishes he brought us, but there were just too many to memorize. Champagne isn't exactly a memory booster either :) I do, however, remember the total of the bill. Whew! The manager had told us to charge our dinner to our room, so we did. All 261-not-including-tip-dollars of it. Talk about a foodies' paradise - amazing food and drinks, all at zero cost.

I was so stuffed from all the food and champagne (and from my pesky cold), that I immediately fell asleep when we got back to our room. The next morning, we ate breakfast at an open-air cafe that overlooked the ocean. And then we walked along the ocean, enjoying the sunshiney, beautiful morning. All in all, it was a fantastically fun birthday, and I couldn't possibly have asked for a more relaxing and indulgent time!

Oh, and the kicker to our extravagent little adventure? It overlooked the very place where Bo and I had our first date. Ahhhh..♥

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