Monday, August 9, 2010

Bumper to Bumper

I don't know if it's luck, my apologetic face, or what, but twice now, I've been uber-fortunate with run-ins with the police.  Yes, police.  Here's what happened:

I was just finished delivering 100 Cupcake Pops for a local bridal show, jittery from caffeine, sweating like a dog (our heat index is a balmy 100 degrees), and totally focused on my next errand.  I hopped back into my car and had to wait for an enormous Triple-A tow truck to slowly notice that I needed him to move so that I could back out of my parking space.  He finally got with the program and moved, so I put my car in reverse and backed out two feet.  And hit a car.  Crunch.

This is where the story gets interesting.  It wasn't just any car. No, my dearies.  When Sara does something, she really aims high; she's quite the overachiever, you know.  Your friend Sara backed right into a cop car.  Isn't that just wonderful?  Your efficient friend eliminated the need to call the police to report an accident because the police were already sitting right there.  Yes, indeed. 

So, I rolled down my windows, had my license and paperwork at the ready and sat there in the 100 degree heat, expecting the worst. ("I just hit a car.  I just hit a *cop* car.  Sara, oh Sara, why couldn't you have just looked the other way?  This is the absolute worst!  And how much will this end up costing??")  Another officer had to be called in to actually report the incident, so our tally is now up to two cop cars parked behind me.  The reporting officer came to my window and in soothing tones, explained that he'd have to take some photos before things could be wrapped up and I could be on my way.  He gave me some paperwork, and very nicely described my next steps.  And then went back to snap photos of my bumper and of the first cop car's bumper and to write some things down. 

While I sat there, another cop car pulled up (that makes three), and the officer got out to hear the story from the other two.  He began snapping photos and poking at our bumpers, and another cop car pulled up.  So, yes, I sat there in my car in a parking lot with four police cars parked behind me and four officers pointing and photographing our bumpers.  This isn't exactly how I was planning to spend my lunch. 

Did you know that I sweat buckets in the heat?  I do.  I make tidy little sweat stripes on whatever clothing I happen to be wearing at the time.

Eventually, all information was gathered, all photos were taken, and three of the four cop cars left.  The officer whose car I hit told me that they were all finished, and then apologized for not getting his car into reverse fast enough when he saw me backing into him.   Yes, you read that correctly.  He said: "Sorry!  I tried to get my car in reverse, but I just wasn't quick enough!  I'll probably be in more trouble than you will!" and chuckled.

And because of something or other about private property, I even didn't get a ticket.

I have the very best luck ever when it comes to my dealings with police officers who are nothing but kind to me.  Is it because I look pathetic?  Are they worried that I'll burst into tears at any moment?  (I'd be lying if I said that some tears hadn't jumped out of my eyes when I was sitting there in my car today.)  Whatever it is, I'm grateful.

Whew.  What a day.   Is it time to go home yet?


  1. I am sorry sis but I am glad of the outcome... that could have been so much worse. Can't imagine how many stripes were sporting on your shirt after all was said or done, or how you were feeling with 4 cop cars there. Just really glad you are ok!

  2. Thanks, Lis! I can laugh about it now, thankfully :) At least until a bird takes up residence in that bumper hole and starts building nests, lol.

  3. Ouch, Thank goodness they were nice to you! Got to love those polite Georgia policeman.

    Plus, wouldn't you have pity on someone who is sweating things that much:)

  4. All's well that ends well. I would have been sweating it too.