Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Photo Recap

Valentine's flowers and birthday cake, courtesy of Mr. Bo-tacular.

Note to Bo: When you swirl the frosting like that, it makes it super duper easy
for me to steal swipes of it when you're not looking :)

Happy Birthday, Dear Saraaaaaaa.  I totally turned 5 years old this year, guys!

Oh.  Hello.  No, you can't have any of my cake.

Post birthday dinner, posing in front of the Anthropologie store.
That store is my version of heaven.

That Anthro display dress is made out of paper!  It's seriously gorgeous.

Keyboard Cake Pops!

My newest shape is a simple square, but it lends itself to a gojillion customizations!

Y?  Because I like you! ;)


  1. Wonderful pictures, Sara! How cute you look in front of those doors!

  2. How is it that He can make a better looking cake than me...that's just a crime in my book. It's gorgeous. I love the simply squared...mine were beautiful. Well at least from what I could tell in the 10 minutes that it took to photograph and then eat them.

  3. Love it! The pics are great. Hope you had a fantabulous day!

  4. Great post and pictures. Hope you had a good birthday. :)