Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clap Your Hands

I'm right smack in the middle of making a jillion and a half Valentine's orders for Sarandipity, so it goes without saying that I'm exhausted, distracted, and muttering about an ouchy back. I tend to listen to tv while I'm in the kitchen, because it helps erase all the song clips that are forever (forever ever) stuck in my head. I listen to everything from "American Pickers" to "Wheel of Fortune" to "The Daily Show" to "Dr. G." But lately, I've been throwing on some music before the fruit punch mixture of tv shows begins. And I've been listening to Sia.

Sia is probably best known for being fairly kooky and for her song, "Breathe Me" - a painfully beautiful song that I'm determined to find the piano music for. But her latest album is actually kinda fun. It's really fun, to be honest. The first handful of songs begin with strange beats or sounds (or both) and then quickly transition to a catchy hook that has me bopping around the kitchen, while covered in cake and dipping chocolate and every kind of sprinkle imaginable.  Her songs definitely contain an element of odd, but I can't help but be happy as I'm slaving away.  And that says a lot.

I've already shipped out 132 cake pops this week, and I still have another 75 to go.  And you can bet that, in my delirium, I'll have Sia on repeat until Bo sighs and begs me to let him turn the tv back on.


(Tell me that I'm not the only one who totally sees "Chilly Down" in this video?)


  1. Hey! So glad your talent is being shared with the world! Keep making those cake pops, baby and clap your hands!

  2. I always wonder how artists come up with their ideas for videos. Some are so strange. Anyway, I scoured the web for new music last weekend and came up short, so I appreciate you sharing these. Always looking for fun new music.

    Good luck with the rest of the pops!